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Powered by WELL Health, YourCare is a patient portal that allows you to book and manage your own appointments at participating clinic locations, update your personal health information, receive communication from your clinic, and access your health records remotely through the Apple Health app.

YourCare works with Apple Health, wherein patients can connect their YourCare account to their Apple Health app and authorize the secure synchronization of health data from their clinic records to their iPhone.

Note that YourCare is not used to view patient health records. All health record data will be visualized in Apple’s Health app, which can be accessed via your iPhone.

Note that the support of Apple Health is only available at certain clinics at this time, until further clinics and doctors opt-in to allow patients to access their health records directly via their YourCare account.
Patients can sign up for a YourCare account in-person or over the phone by speaking with a member of our clinic staff. For security and privacy purposes, all patients must be able to provide verification for the following information prior to signing up for YourCare: name, personal health number, cell phone number, and email. Once verified, patients will receive an email invitation to initiate the process of registering a YourCare account.

If verification is occurring over the phone and the patient is not able to accurately verify their information, or if they are requesting a change to their information, they will be requested to come into the clinic with a piece of photo ID to confirm their identity. It is imperative that we ensure the patient invitation is being sent to the right person to prevent the breach of personal health information.
Once verification and enrolment has been completed, the YourCare patient portal and Apple Health app will contain information regarding appointment history, personal health information, as well as the synchronization of health data from clinic records (incl. allergies, medications, and vitals). As such, it is important to ensure that patients can provide verification of their identity with a clinic staff member to prevent the breach of personal health information and protect their health information.
Separate from YourCare, Apple Health Records enables patients to view a compilation of their health records in one place directly on their iPhone, via the Apple Health app. The information available to patients includes allergies, clinical vitals, immunizations, and medications.

To authorize the synchronization of health records, patients will be prompted to connect their YourCare account to their Apple Health app. This will enable their data to be automatically, securely, and seamlessly synchronized from their respective WELL Health clinic location(s) to the Apple Health app.
For privacy and security purposes, at this time patients cannot sign up for YourCare on behalf of their family members and should only be registering for an account associated with their own personal demographic record in the EMR. Support for dependents is something we intend to support in the future.
No, patients will only be required to create a single YourCare account upon initial sign-up at their WELL Health clinic. For each additional location, patients will simply receive a new YourCare email invitation to confirm their existing YourCare account by entering their login credentials. Please note that staff will need to verify patient identity at each clinic location.
Your personal health information is stored securely and fully encrypted within the YourCare portal. For patients utilizing Apple Health for access to their health records, the health record data itself (allergies, clinical vitals, immunizations, medications) is not stored in the YourCare portal, it is synchronized via encryption directly from your clinic’s records to the Apple Health app on your iPhone. Health record data does not traverse the Apple network. As such, Apple does not create, receive, or store any health information. Only you and your respective WELL Health clinic(s) will have access to your health record data. For more information on Apple’s Security and Privacy policies, please visit
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